What is special about the new TRITAN bottles? 

Tritan is a very unique material. The material allows us to offer a bottle which is both robust and shatterproof whilst being completely translucent in appearance. It is fully dishwasher safe and perfect for active children. 


How many bottles should I buy?

Bottles are packed in boxes of 48. The smallest number you can buy is 1 box of 48 – thereafter in multiples of 48.


What are the available cap colours?

We have a variety of different colours in 3 x different styles.


Do you sell the tops on there own?

Yes, replacement caps are available in quantities of 36 for £14.40 or 100 for £32.00 + vat.


How much is delivery?

Delivery to 1 UK mainland address is £7. Please ask for delivery costs to other destinations.


How long will it take to receive my goods?

Standard Stock Bottles will be despatched within 1-2 days on a next day courier service, For bottles customised with your logo, it will be 1-2 x weeks.


Who does Howard Plastics sell water bottles to?

Howard Plastics provides water bottles to schools and nurseries.  The products sold become the property and equipment of the school or nursery and are used by the children of the school or nursery to stay hydrated, therefore enabling school and nurseries to meet government requirements relating to child hydration.  All products sold by Howard Plastics are solely used by the school or nursery to satisfy such requirements and allow for immediate identification (for hygiene and ownership purposes) between those bottles owned by the school or nursery and those purchased personally by the individual child or the child’s parent(s). Howard Plastics does not supply to the Promotional or Retails markets. Non school based enquiries will be forwarded to the relevant parties.


Are the bottles BPA free?

All of our bottles are BPA free and conform with all British safety and food standards.


Can the bottles go in a dishwasher?

Our Classic bottles (made from LDPE) and tops can go in the dishwasher on the top shelf only on a maximum temperature of 55c or they can be washed in warm soapy water or a diluted mild beach solution such as Milton may be safely used.

Our new TRITAN range is robust and is suitable for cleaning in all dishwahsers including industrial machines. This makes it the perfect bottle for the adventourous child and remains easy to clean.


Can I place my order and have my school/nursery invoiced?

Yes you can place your order online or by email and we will drop an invoice in the box for you or email it over when the bottles are shipped.


Can I mix the top colours?

Yes you can mix the top colours but please contact us as this option is not available online.


Are the bottles recyclable?

Yes, all of our bottles are recyclable and can go in your normal household recycling.