Welcome to Howard Plastics

First off, we are open at Howard Plastics and ready to help you and your school or nursery, children, staff and parents through the current times.  Our premium water bottles are designed to keep your school and nursery children safe, healthy and hydrated this summer.  See our 'Staying Healthy - Summer 2020' recommendations below. 

We are the number one supplier of reusable school water bottles supplying over 15,000 schools and nurseries all over the UK. We believe that water in the classroom is essential to a child's learning & development as well as keeping them hydrated for the school day.

All of our water bottles are made by us here in the UK and they are all BPA free conforming with British food and safety standards making them safe for children and most importantly they don't leak in school bags!

We offer a wide amount of different sizes and styles with a huge amount of different lid colours and types making them the perfect choice for your school or nursery.

To place an order (and pay later) simply visit our 'Shop' by clicking above and our bottles will be on their way to you!  If you need help with anything then please get in touch with us via our 'Contact us' page, via sales@howardplastics.co.uk or call us on 0121 707 1766 and we will respond immediately.

Staying Healthy - Summer 2020 

To stay hydrated this summer and to prevent the transmission of bacteria and germs, you may wish to provide each child with their own water bottle. Our bottles all have a “Name” box where the child’s name can be written.  We are also recommending that our customers use our protective dust cap on the bottle - this clips over the drinking valve, ensuring that hydration is clean and free from dust, bacteria and other germs.  Please get in touch for more information about our dust caps. 

For those schools and nurseries providing each child with a bottle to reduce the spread of bacteria and germs, our new Tritan bottle is recommended (see below).  Unlike many other water bottles, our Tritan bottles can be washed daily in commercial dishwashers (to very high temperatures) meaning each bottle can be cleaned and back with the child each morning, with teachers therefore free from the responsibility of individually handwashing each bottle in the classroom.      

Providing children with a reusable water bottle also helps reduce the amount of single use plastics in our schools & nurseries which helps protect our environment.  Check out our recyclable and biodegrable bottle range. 

New at Howard Plastics - Tritan Bottles

Following huge demand, we are delighted to now offer our new Tritan bottle range to schools and nurseries (in addition to our existing products which all remain available).  Manufactured in the UK using award winning, state of the art and efficient technology, our Tritan bottles not only look great with or without your school or nursery's logo, but are built to last, being crafted from durable, non-breakable, high quality Tritan plastic!  

Please visit our 'Shop' above if you would like to purchase bottles from Howard Plastics.